National motivational & professional development club for high school students


We are commited to motivating our officers & members , inspiring them to chase their dreams.


Our goal is to help our members & officers grow both  personally and professionally.


Everyone has a story. We strive to help other teens understand and learn to tell theirs.


We actively encourage our members to make an impact in their communities through community service.

Our Mission

NDA strives to inspire and provide opportunities for motivation and personal/professional development high school students through school chapters.


Requirements: No needed GPA, no special application; just a want to pursue your passions. Meet like-minded teens who set out to change the world by being themselves.

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MAKE 2021 YOUR YEAR! NDA members have access to our Virtual Resource Center, a hub of resources & services to explore!  


YOU'RE A FORCE TO BE RECKON WITH. Every year our annual theme strives to inspire YOU to be confident, be humble, be bold, be yourself; to BE UNSTOPPABLE! We know you have what it takes...What are you waiting for? Start chasing your dreams today! Join your school's NDA Chapter (or start one!) and get inspiration & tools for success! 

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Tasheekia Perry

- Motivational Speaker -

"NDA is inspiring and developing our young people not only to be great for themselves, but to be great for our world."

Jake Fretwell

- NDA Alumni -

"NDA is not only about motivating your peers but also yourself– take advantage of those opportunities to learn more about the person you want to be in the world. "

Derrick Braizel

- Founder of MORTAR-

"NDA offers the foundation most needed for dreamers who desire to become leaders."