NDA is a motivational club focused on empowering high school students to pursue their dreams through events that present inspiring stories from successful members of our community-focused around important personal development themes. We also focus on student professional development, helping guide students towards -or provide opportunities to- advance in their field of interest. These opportunities include workshops, internships, service activities, and programs.

Our Mission

To inspire and motivate high school students by exposing them to a unique environment of personal/professional growth through chapter events, workshops, and other chapter activities. Showing them relatable examples of the power in following their dreams.




What We Do

We aim to empower students to pursue their dreams through motivational events and prepare them for their personal, professional, and academic journey through workshops. 



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Our 2020-2021 theme is MAKE IT HAPPEN! This year will explore topics such as getting started, goal setting, perseverance, and more! 

Our History

It started as the thought of one person and grew to be the dream of many. At NDA, we believe everyone is a storyteller and we too have a story to tell. Learn about NDA's rich history!


Our Logo

Star: The star represents the shining light NDA brings to communities around the nation by inspiring and motivating them.


11 Leaf Olive branch (1): The 11 leaves in the olive branch symbolize the 11th year of the ©Disney Dreamers Academy, specifically because NDA was founded by a few members of that program. 

11 Leaf Olive branch (2): The 11 leaves in the olive branch symbolize the 11 qualities of a dreamer: Authentic, Dedicated, Passionate, Eager to learn, Purposed, Courageous, Bold, Optimistic, Compassionate, Inspiring, and Imaginative.