The Beginning

On Sunday, March 11, 2018, Luis Lageyre was staring at a banner while at his last hours at Disney Dreamers Academy. Princeton Parker, DDA Ambassador and motivational speaker, said "some of you will return to your schools and start dreaming clubs", after hearing these words a light bulb went of in Luis' mind; "some of us?" he asked to himself, "why not all of us together?". Luis leaned over to his friend Rita and asked "what if we all start something? The uh... National Dreamers Association?!" Rita smiled, nodded and said, "NDA, I like it". This was the very beginning of NDA, the idea would float in Luis' mind for another couple of days until NDA was founded on March 25th, 2018.

The Founding Team

While on a class coaching call with Princeton Parker, Luis Lageyre introduced the idea of NDA to the rest of the Disney Dreamers Academy class of 2018. Within a matter of minutes after the call, the NDA team grew from 5 people to 15, later adding other classes and growing to 25 officers. After about 2 weeks of texting on a group chat, NDA held their first Board Of Directors election. Every officer was able to propose one candidate for each position, the candidates with the most proposals moved on to voting. Skylar Boone was in charge of counting the votes and delivering the news of the NDA team, the results where as follows:

President- Luis Lageyre

Vice President(s)- Skylar Boone & Boston Meeker

Secretary- Rita Nguyen

Treasurer-Nada Dalati

Historian- Molly Taing

The first draft of the bylaws was written & approved by a vote of the Board of Directors and the rest of the officer team. Shortly after, Moly Taing and Rita Nguyen left their position at the Board of Directors because of scheduling conflicts with their leadership positions in other clubs.

The New Team

After Moly and Rita's departure from the team, the rest of the Board of Directors electedColston Urban as Secretary. The Historian position stayed vacant for months until being filled by Sarah Oburu, the previous head of NDA's creative development department. This BoD team along with the rest of the officer team was the first to be named the NDA Dream Team by President Luis Lageyre, marking the first use of the now iconic NDA team name,

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