Starting an NDA chapter is embarking on an amazing leadership journey! Leave your mark at your school, help motivate and prepare fellow students, open an NDA chapter today and DEFY IMPOSSIBLE with us!


YOU can design your own world! Opening a chapter will expose you and your peers to the opportunity of self-discovery! NDA is a playground for every member to explore their dreams! Live YOUR purpose through NDA!


Have any questions about starting a chapter? Reach out to us!

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  • Download the "Start-Up Package" 

    • Download all the documents in the pop-up window and read them over for more information on NDA chapters. Click HERE

  • Get a group of friends (5+)

    • Starting a chapter will require a group of people that are interested and willing to help promote the chapter and recruit more members.

  • Find a club sponsor/advisor

    • Most schools require a teacher to volunteer as the sponsor of a club. Ask your teachers if they'd be willing to help start the club. You can show them this website, other chapter websites, information from the chapter resources, or reach out to us for more info to give your teacher!

  • Ask what the process to start a club at your school is. 

    • Schools have different requirements and processes for starting clubs. Talk to your school's admin about your interest in starting a club and learn about the process. 


  • Submit a chapter application

    • You can submit a chapter application during any month of the year! Click HERE to access the application.

    • You'll hear back from us in a matter of days or sometimes even hours! You'll be paired with a chapter specialist that will help you start the club!

  • Work with your chapter specialist.

    • Your chapter specialist will be there to assist you in every step of the way with anything you might need to help open a chapter at your school. 

    • Your chapter socialist will be your point of contact to NDA for all your chapter needs. 

  • Start Operating!  

    • NDA will provide you with a guide on how to run your chapter and other resources such as a brand package, social media package, and training webinars for your officers where you'll acquire new awesome skills that bring your team to the next level!